The Video Coaching is here to teach you how to create catchy, engaging and effective video content. This service provides guidance and strategies for leveraging your videos and enhance your brand visibility, engage with followers, and grow your business.

1. Build Your Confidence

  • We teach you how to humanize your brand with simple ideas!. Humanizing your brand allows you to have a deeper connection with your audience and creates a sense of trust between you and your viewers.
  • We help you to Identify your Brand Voice by clearly defining your purpose and personality. We align your brand message with your audience’s language & behaviour to Personalize Your Message!
  • Feel more confident in front of the camera. We’ve compiled our top tips to help you get more comfortable about sharing yourself more on social media.
  • We share with you you tips and tools to keep you motivated and inspired.

2. Content

  • We stablish your Content pillars. They are the foundation for a good content strategy and help you to be consistent on every platform.
  • Find content ideas: One of the most common questions when managing social media is what should I post about? We'll give you useful tips to generate content that will allow you to interact with your audience.
  • Manage a multilingual account: Tips for Building a Multilingual Social Media Presence, Engaging with your followers in their primary language is key to forging lasting and meaningful relationships.
  • SEO: Get ready to start using social media to boost your SEO efforts. We’ll help you create a social media content that helps you improve your SEO rankings.
  • Reels and TikTok ideas: Must-try REELS & TIKTOK video ideas for services and products that you can start posting right away.
  • Story telling: Share the narrative of your brand, its people, and its products in a way that engages, entertains, or informs your audience.

3. Lights, Camera, Action

  • Settings: Learn to set up the camera of your smart phone to get the best quality videos.
  • Recording: Learn everything you need to know when recording, lighting, transitions, techniques and more.
  • Audio: Trending audio is a core factor in making Reels and TikToks that capture attention and connect with your audience. Let’s explore how to find and use popular audio to create engaging videos.
  • Editing: We'll teach how to edit your clips in the IG and TikTok apps, or using separate video editing apps that you can download for free or low cost.
  • Uploading: A Step-by-step Guide that will help you post your videos faster and easier in your social media platforms, like Reels and TikToks.

4. Planning & Scheduling

  • Planning your videos: With a plan, you can curate your content, manage your social media in a very organized way, and make sure you communicate your brand message to your customers in a cohesive way.
  • Content calendar: A written schedule is the best tool to plan, publish and track your content over time and organize your content strategy. We'll provide you
    an amazing/efficient template and guide to creating your own.
  • Scheduling: Plan all of your content and schedule them ahead of time with the right tools. We'll share with your our favorite automated planner apps and
    some very useful tricks.
  • General recommendations: We'll share with you our Top Guidelines to create effective content in order to reach an engage with your audience in a very unique way.

By getting the Video Coaching service you can gain the knowledge and skills required to create captivating and impactful content. You will be equipped with the tools necessary to effectively engage with your audience, increase your brand visibility, and leverage the full potential of the video format.

  • Build the confidence to make videos.
  • Manage a multilingual account.
  • Ideas of Reels and TikToks for Products and Services.
  • Set up your phone and enviroment to make good quality videos.
  • How to create Instagram Reels step by step (Tutorials and the Apps).
  • Recording & Editing Tips. You will learn to edit videos in high quality only with your cellphone.
  • Scheduling and Planning your Reels and TikToks to make them faster.